Ramadan Action Plan - Nouman Ali Khan


  1. Allah wants ease for you
  2. In the month of Ramadan, Allah makes special ease for you :)
  3. Strive fir perfection in this 30 days..
    1. Fix tongue, work with eyes and ears.
    2. No games for Ramadan... get rid of them.
    3. Stop the damage and the means of distruction.
    4. Goal to memorize certain part of Quran.
    5. Learn new du'a
    6. Fill 1/3 of our stomach with food.
  4. Everybody has to work hard on Ramadan
  5. You have to do better this Ramadan than previous.
  6. You are in competition with nobody but YOURSELF..
  7. Listen to tafseer..
  8. Stop the corrupt input (apps etc.)
  9. Get proper sleep at night


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