Month of Forgiveness - Nouman Ali Khan


  1. There's a war going on inside you.. throat is against you, stomach is against you, body is getting weaker. You train your heart to control your whole body.
  2. Body gets weaker and heart gets stronger, taqwa is in heart..
  3. Fasting is your training for your real life..
  4. When training goes on, it is easier..
  5. The thing that makes Ramadan special is Al Quran.
  6. Ramadan is about the miracle of Quran.
  7. Musa means newborn in egyptian and was in Quran..Subhanallah
  8. Allah gives us 30 days of NO shaitan, 30 days of Quran, 30 days of stronger heart..
  9. You memorize Quran for yourself.. it is the most sincere ibadah.. you don't do it to show off..
  10. To find new relationship with Quran
  11. Solah is a direct link with Allah..
  12. The more you are connected to Quran, the more you are connected to Allah.
  13. When you realize Allah is near, you will act differently.
  14. Recite Quran and make du'a.
  15. The goal of Ramadan:
    1. To complete 30 days of training
    2. To declare the greatness of Allah
    3. To be grateful
    4. To get taqwa
  16. The goal of fasting - to get taqwa
  17. We have to detox ourselves from gadgets at least in Ramadan.
  18. Materialism is killing us and the antidote is to understand the book of Allah
  19. You get to talk to Allah when you recite Quran
  20. Do tafseer study in Ramadan.
  21. Surah 62,63,64


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